Financial Literacy Film Festival - #FinLitFilmFest

George Ohan

Do you enjoy short films?


This event is for you!

We would like to introduce the 
Financial Literacy Film Festival.

This first time ever event, gathers 
talent from the local community, 
to create a series of EDUtainment 
(Education + Entertainment) 
short films due to be screened 
on 04/03/2020.

How would you or your business 
like to get involved?


Influencers, Filmmakers, Writers, Actors, Directors, Cinematographers and more have joined our very important global movement to help people become more financially literate.

Join the tribe on Facebook, we have a Group:

Have you heard of 

You just did!

Our Film Festival has been approved by the: 

What is the point of this event? 
EDUCATION brought to 
underserved communities 
in a fun way.

How can we educate the world about the rules of money, and still have fun while doing it?  

What kind of movies are these?
Bite-size and thought-provoking short films, created with the help of the entire global community.

We use ART and we use 
tell important stories. 

Building a team with like-minded people is a great way to go deeper with connecting about things that really matter, to you and your family.

Short films are a great way to connect people within the community. People don't usually discuss politics, religion, or anything that does not have something to do with the current project on a film set.  

The Financial Literacy Film Festival believes that
Collaboration and Expressing, are beautiful ways to build 
long-lasting and meaningful relationships within our communities. 

Let's build!
(Festival volunteers + sponsors needed)

Who is involved?

We have Hollywood working professionals contributing their talent to this festival, ranging all the way to a brand new Director, female student from a local High School. Financial Services Professionals are working with the filmmakers to fund their short film projects.

(Sponsorships are available)


Want to get involved?

Let's talk!

1. Your Business name + logo on Step & Repeat

2. Social Media Promotions pack
    (Ask about it!)

3.  Safety for Sarah - T-shirt Sponsor for film crews

4. Table set-up at event

5. Film Producer Credit

6. Ceremony Color Guard Sponsor

7. HD promotional video with Financial Literacy Film Festival
logo and your business name as a "Sponsor" of the event.

8. Items donated for Swag Bag; handed out to
    Film Actors + Film Crew on Red Carpet

Do you have a Sponsorship idea?

Let's talk!

Film Festival Founders:
George Ohan - U.S. Army Veteran
Carlos Anzures

Executive Director:
Ricoh Danielson - U.S. Army Veteran

Co-Executive Director:
Michelle Murray - U.S. Army Veteran
KMP Entertainment

Director Veterans Outreach:
Casey Crupper - U.S. Army Veteran
Los Angeles, CA

Community Outreach Directors:
Kale McCullough
Saul Gonzalez

Festival Marketing:
Fulton Film Company
Veteran Owned
Fresno, California



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