Tanji Got Talent in The Gambia is supported by Financial Literacy Film Festival team and friends

California to The Gambia? Yes! The leadership team from the Financial Literacy Film Festival have called on their friends and social media to raise funds for a talent show called Tanji Got Talent. The funds will be used to establish this organization as a recognized and official, non-profit business in The Gambia. Mr. Momodou S. Jallow, CEO is a true leader in his community and his example will carry a future generation of creative artists forward.  Finance education and business structure are a top priority to ensure that this effort lasts for many years. This type of collaboration in the creative arts industry in 2020 is very rare! The Gambia is showing many trends of being forward-thinking, in the space of entertainment business moving into 2021. Finance professionals in the USA are teaming up with small business people in The Gambia, to help them with business process, marketing, social entrepreneurship, and much more.  There will be a LIVE talent show on December 5th, 2020 and a f

2021 Financial Literacy Film Festival official sponsor Qanna Solutions

 Qanna Solutions is a high risk credit card and debit card merchant payment processing solution. They see the great value in supporting a platform which aims to educate and inform people about financial concepts. Financial literacy is not a subject that most schools teach, however it is a subject that every family needs to be educated about. Official Sponsor 2021 How do we do it? Education + Entertainment = EDUtainment We believe that using this concept is a great way to reach our intended audience, who are families looking for more information about financial concepts.  People are interested to know how to best use this newly learned information to help their own families. The Fin Lit Film Fest has created an interesting way to deliver this much needed content to audiences around the globe, while promoting the arts and creativity. How did we do this in 2020? Teach. Coach. Mentor.  - That is our motto. 1. Training for Actors and Filmmakers 2. Produce the

Who knows how much it costs to produce a Feature Film in Africa?

Download the Rootflix APP today. @ErikJayPhotographer Photographer on Instagram As TAFF grows in 2020, they are adding a series of short video training for the filmmakers who are streaming on Rootflix. This is a great way to bridge the gap between USA filmmakers and their African counterparts. Most people do not know that TAFF is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that focuses on films addressing Social, Economic, Ethnic, Political, Religious, or Health issues that affect Africa. Download the Rootflix APP and watch the 2020 film festival season from your personal device. Please share this video, and reach out to the filmmakers to build professional relationships. The African Film Festival (TAFF) has more than 50 original content films from Africa streaming online. *Please fact check this, as 05/28/2020, is Netflix streaming 50 original films from Africa? ...or is this tiny festival doing more than Netflix for this community? Thank you